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Your Catering Team

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Annette and Katy have been cooking together for years.  It wasn't until just recently that the two decided that it was finally time to share their passion for food and entertaining with you!

Annette, mother of three and wife of a busy Contractor has always opened her home and her kitchen to all.  Rarely is there an evening when the Smith family does not have an extra person at the dinner table. And, there is always plenty for all to have their fill.

Annette is at her finest when the grill is fired up and there are hungry masses to feed.  You will not find a better grillmaster around! Watch out Bobby Flay!

Katy, also a mother of three, has been entertaining family and friends for as long as she can recall, but had been apprehensive about branching out to Cater in the "real world".  After informally  catering several events, Katy was encouraged by friends and guests  to  give Catering a is obviously a passion....and why not do what you love?  So, that's were it all began!

At Your Service has been serving Nevada and Placer Counties since 2008 and we are poised to continue expanding our client base.  No party is too big or too small...if you've not had an opportunity to enjoy our offerings, we are hopeful you will get the chance soon!

At Your Service is committed to serving only the finest foods, made with the freshest ingredients, and providing courteous, responsive service. All of our dishes are made with love; creating a truly memorable dining experience.

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Your Catering Team
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